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We are turning our Dance Fitness Obsession up a knotch by providing ONE FULL WEEK of live fitness and mindset classes from the best of the best!

February 21st-28th, we will have several master presenters, CEOs, and fitness format founders from throughout the Nation sharing their talents with us! Not only are we working on our physical fitness but we are focusing on our overall wellness this week with mindset talks from our Master Presenters that include topics about dealing with mental illness, life during COVID and social isolation, motivation and consistency tips, entrepreneurship, self-love, self-care, how to shift our mindset, and so much more!

There will be multiple live classes daily through out the week that all remain available for playback. Do not worry, the schedule will be posted as well! Join us for a week of fun, fitness, learning, and growth. We are working on our body, mind and spirit here. You will be able to network with these amazing presenters and gain new friends in all the other participants as well.

No prior dance experience required! The classes are for everyone at ALL levels. Move in whatever way feels good for YOU and have fun with it.

Fitness Classes Provided:

Booty Bounce Fitness with Dudley “Dee” Layfield Butler

COMMIT Dance Fitness with Jessica Quande

Dance Your Sass Off with Sarah Placenica

Grovey Effect with Ryan Grovey

IGNITE The Class (Hybrid Yoga) with Stephanie Bard

Tabata Dance Fitness with Caressa James

Tone & Tease with Tara Romano

Turn Up Dance Fitness with Turn Up With Tanci

Sweat & Swagger with Joanna Cavalcante

Zumba Fitness with Christine Ricci

*All funds go to the Health Education Center's annual Health Profession Student Scholarship for residents of Eastern CT who are pursuing careers in healthcare and aim to serve the medically underserved and vulnerable populations of Eastern CT.*

 Private link to access the BAND app for the week will be emailed to you upon completion of your reservation.

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Dancing For Degrees

Basic Entry

HIIT The Books

Entry +$10 Donation

Tabata That Tuition

Entry +$20 Donation

Sweating For Supplies

Entry +$30 Donation

Front Row Divas & Divos

Entry +$40 Donation


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