Continuing Education Credits/Professional Development
for Community Health Workers

Human Rights

Do you know your human rights? What are human rights? Come to HEC's professional development course for Community Health Workers from a Human Rights perspective. Learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what those rights are, and what it means to focus on human rights when practicing Community Health Work.

Date, Time, Location: May 26th 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Randi Matzenbacher




Gender and Orientation

This class will dive into unpacking gender identity and sexual orientation to help CHW's better serve individuals of various backgrounds. An analysis of our culture's current position on gender identity and sexual orientation will be done. Participants will be exposed to a diverse range of sexual orientations, gender identities, sexual expressions, life and love styles, and erotically marginalized populations. Participants will gain a greater perspective of healthcare issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Date, Time, Location: Friday June 16th 10am-12pm via Zoom
Trainer: Alyssa McClain





Adverse Childhood Experiences

This class aims to create awareness and engage community involvement around preventing and healing trauma among vulnerable communities throughout Connecticut, on the impact of trauma, including Adverse Childhood Experiences on longer term health outcomes and wellbeing. 

Date, Time, Location: Friday July 21st 10am-12pm via Zoom
Trainer: Margaret Twum

Sessions: $50 per person

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