Continuing Education Credits/Professional Development
for Community Health Workers

Homelessness In Connecticut 

Learn how to assist those experiencing homelessness or housing crisis. This workshop will focus on navigating the network of resources available to residents in the state of Connecticut. Not clear on how to place people in shelter? Have questions on what is Rapid Rehousing? Not familiar with the housing network in your area? Get your questions answered and more during this workshop on homelessness.

Date, Time, Location:  Friday October 21st 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Rashawn Hughes 

Crisis De-Escalation 

Learn how to effectively de-escalate crisis by equipping yourself with evidence-based tools that have been shown to diffuse volatile situations. This workshop will give you the tools necessary to maintain emotional stability while assisting others with emotional regulation. Learn how to recognize the signs of a crisis and skills to minimize its effect.

Date, Time, Location: Friday December 16th 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Rashawn Hughes 

Cultural Humility 

Learn how to engage in self-reflection to address inner biases that might influence the services you provide. Enhance the quality of your work by learning how to effectively respond to cultural differences. This workshop focuses on the value of diversity and explores differences between cultural competence versus cultural humility. Gain the tools needed to create a safe and receptive environment for those of differing cultures.

Date, Time, Location: Friday February 17th 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Rashawn Hughes 

Health Disparities 

Want to know more about health disparities affecting your community? Want to become familiar with resources and ways to combat health disparities? If you answered yes to both questions, you need to participate in our workshop on Health Disparities in Connecticut. We will explore the impact of health disparities and the systems that keep them in place with other CHWs around the state. Participants will get a better insight on the origins of health disparities and the tools being used to challenge them

Date, Time, Location: April 21st 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Rashawn Hughes 


Earned Income Tax Credit/Financial Resources 

This workshop seeks to provide education on the available financial support for low to moderate income workers and families. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps low to moderate income workers and families to get a tax break. If you qualify, you can use the credit to reduce the taxes you owe and maybe increase your refund to help support the family.

In this workshop Community Health Workers will learn:

  • What the EITC is
  • Who is eligible for the EITC
  • How to apply for the EITC
  • Other FAQs

Date, Time, Location: Friday January 20th 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Margaret Twum

Adverse Childhood Experiences 

This workshop aims to create awareness and engage community involvement around preventing and healing trauma among vulnerable communities throughout Connecticut, on the impact of trauma, including Adverse Childhood

Experiences (ACEs) on longer term health outcomes and wellbeing.

In this workshop Community Health Workers will learn:

  • What is ACEs
  • The types of ACEs prevalence in Connecticut
  • The negative health outcomes of ACEs
  • Learn some protective factors of ACEs

Date, Time, Location: Friday May 19th 10am-12pm Via Zoom 

Trainer: Margaret Twum 

Women’s Sexual Health 

Date, Time, Location: Friday March 17th 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Alyssa McClain

Gender and Orientation 

Date, Time, Location: Friday June 16th 10am-12pm Via Zoom
Trainer: Alyssa McClain

Sessions: $50 per person

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